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On April 22, 1905, a large lot at 819 Felder Avenue in Montgomery, Alabama was deeded by the Tillis family to Joseph B. Jones.  A two-story clapboard Georgian vernacular home was completed by 1910.  The single family structure was later purchased by the Teague family, proprietors of Teague Hardware Company and partners in the magnificent, Italianate "Steiner-Lobman and Teague Hardware Buildings" in downtown Montgomery.  In 1931-32, the Teagues rented the house to those "Darlings of the Jazz Age," F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.  

In the late 1930s, in response to real estate market pressures of the Great Depression, the house was subdivided into four apartments. Later, it would be expanded when State Senator Silas Cater, who also served as Montgomery's City Clerk, lived in Apartment A from 1942-1977.

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The Fitzgerald Museum operates out of the last extant house the Fitzgeralds lived in as a family during their lives. Construction of the home was completed c. 1910, and the Fitzgeralds lived here from the fall of 1931 through the spring of 1932. In the late '30s, the home was divided into a boarding house, and remained such until 1986 when it was saved from demolition by local residents Julian and Leslie McPhillips.

There is no other place in the world a lay person can visit to learn of Scott and Zelda's legacy. Julian McPhillips, a Princeton graduate, co-founded the Museum on the grounds that, though Scott and Zelda never bought a home nor settled down, they deserved one.
Twenty-nine years later, the Museum is an attraction loved and cherished by both tourists the world over, and our local community. The Jazz Age lives on between our walls, as does the Great Depression that followed.


The history

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Leslie and Julian L. McPhillips, Jr. saved the house from demolition in 1986, and in 1999 donated it to the Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum Association in honor of the Rev. Julian and Eleanor McPhillips, Sr., in whose memory the house was dedicated in 2012.

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